Organic cotton – Made in Portugal

It´s ocay to care for the planet

Our textiles, packaging & production

We are not perfect, but we are on our way. The truth is that the world doesn’t need another fashion label, not even one that tries to produce sustainably or with organic cotton. And yet, we decided to do this because we want to achieve a change for the purchasing behavior.

Our goal is not to make as much sales as possible, but to show as part of capitalism that it can be done differently. The more people start to buy from sustainable producers, the more the industry will adapt.

According to various studies, the textile industry is one of the biggest polluters and causes enormous amounts of CO2 emissions. It could be responsible for around 20 percent of global water pollution and 10 percent of global CO2 emissions.

Switching to more sustainable production methods and materials would help the environment.

  • non genetically manipulated / traditional seeds

  • around 91 percent less fresh water

  • no chemical pesticides, thus protecting soils, biodiversity and workers’ health.

  • gentler on the consumer’s skin

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

We produce in Portugal with a local family business, which is especially known for its positive treatment of their employees.  All products are produced exclusively with organic cotton. And we are constantly improving our processes.

Our vision is to become the most sustainable homewear label in Europe and to show people that sustainability can be cool.