February 19, 2022

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What is " sustainable fashion ", actually?

What do you think of when you hear the terms “slow fashion”, “fair fashion” and “sustainable fashion”? Do you also have the feeling that these terms are often used as synonyms for sustainability and it’s not really clear what’s behind them? – We help you to bring a little light into the jungle of terms.

As you have probably already noticed, the topic of “sustainability” is an integral part of many industries. But sustainability is not equal to sustainability, because fundamentally there is an ecological, social and economic dimension to sustainability.


For the fashion industry, that meant:

Eco Fashion – Ecological


Here everything revolves around the ecological aspect of fashion. Environmentally friendly materials, such as raw materials and dyes are used. In addition, care is taken to ensure that the clothing is processed in a resource-conserving manner and using environmentally friendly methods.

Fair Fashion – Social


Fair Fashion mainly covers the social area of sustainability. Here you can be very sure that the clothes are produced under humane conditions and a living wage is guaranteed for the employees.

Slow Fashion – Economical


This is the counterpart to the well-known Fast Fashion. Slow Fashion stands for the deceleration of the fashion industry and opposes the constantly changing fashion trends on the market. The goal is to create better conditions for people and nature in the long term by wearing clothes longer and reducing consumption.

What does that tell us now? Well, in the best case scenario, we’ll manage to take all of these points into account when we make our next clothing purchase. Since this will unfortunately be very difficult, our long-term goal should be the following: To buy fashion that is made from environmentally friendly material, produced under fair conditions and is wearable for as long as possible.


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